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  • Breville over Cuisinart any day

    Message to Kevin or Andrea:  Cuisinart is no longer a good product in my book. I will never buy another cuisinart product. I have gone through 3 coffeemakes the first one was ok, but the second one caught on fire and cuisinart replaced it and not a year later the 3rd coffeemaker cuts off after making 4 cups and I called cuisinart and they said they could not replace it unless I have the original reciept of the first coffeemaker which I dont have.

  • Costco made right on a bad Cuisinart Grind and Brew

    This is my Cuisinart Sucks story::  I had a grind and brew pot. It was great for a few months, then it started to leak all over the counter. Fortunately, I bought it at Costco so returning it for a refund was easy.

  • Cuisinart Grind & Brew burned this Canadian family's house to the ground

    Email received from this unfortunate family: Reading your blog tonight. had to just tell you folks that I'm the worst case scenario; my house actually did burn down because of a Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker!!! I live in Canada, and it happened in October of this year.

  • Bride wishes she'd registered for a Krups instead

    This is my Cuisinart Sucks story::  Received a Grind & Brew as a wedding gift in October 2010. The front filter basket door keeps popping open now (started about 3 months ago) and coffee spills all over the counter (and down the cabinets and onto the floor). I called Cuisinart and complained and of course they said they'd send me a new one for $10 in shipping costs and I would have to box up and mail the FAULTY one back.