Fake tracers and being lied to by Cuisinart supervisors--all in a day's work for Cuisinart

This is my Cuisinart Sucks story:: Hi, First of all thank you so much for making this web site. The first thing I thought of to search for after only half my tale of woe with Cuisinart was just that, Cuisinart Sucks" and that is how I found you.
At any rate I bought a Cuisinart Burr Grind and brew 12 cup coffee maker that sells around $160.00 back around Christmas of last year and within the first month it started doing strange things but was still making the coffee so I thought nothing more of it. Towards the end of January I got tired of the weird things the coffee maker was doing and to add to that the grind part of the process had now stopped working. So that was when I first contacted Cuisinart. I talked to a guy who I told what was happening and he also was able to listen to what it was doing and told me that they would send out another and took $10.00 from me so that I could send back the broken coffee maker when my new one arrived. Well he didn't actually send my new coffee maker out until the 2nd of February and as I watch my package coming via UPS I noticed that it was not moving from Spokane, WA. About a week later I once again called Cuisinart and told the woman what I saw going on and she told me that she would have to send a tracer through "corporate" and that she would get back to me if she found anything out. Another week or so went by and no calls from Cuisinart so I once again called them back and the man I spoke to this time told me that the lady I had spoken to was doing her job and I was to wait until she contacted me. That same day I got in contact with UPS and two different people told me that no one from Cuisinart had put out a tracer so with that call they did begin the process of tracing my package but there was no package to be found anywhere and now I am getting a bit peeved. The UPS guys all know me around where I live and yelled to me form the truck to come and sign a paper saying that I had not indeed received anything. Now throughout all of this I asked Cuisinart to please just send out another coffee maker and let them hash out the rest on their time but they said they could not do that every time. At one point i finaly asked for the supervisor and he assured me that everything was being done to get my coffee maker to me. Sure he was... Well, the final time I talked to the supervisor he told me that my coffee maker was just now being readied to send to me via UPS once again and with a bit of prodding he said that he would make sure it went out 2 day air. That was on a Friday and on about Wednesday of the next week I find my package has now gone out UPS ground once again so the man lied to me outright. Not only is it coming UPS ground but it is taking around 8-9 days and hopefully should be here today sometime and this is the 13th of April 2010. So, from around January 25th or so until now I have been waiting for my replacement coffee pot and that woman who was supposed to contact me from Cuisinart regarding my tracer? You guessed it! She never did call me back. I would love to sit in on one of their training sessions one day and see if they aren't trained to discourage people from the get go for having a problem with one of their products. All I can say is that I will probably never buy another Cuisinart product as long as I live. Thanks for "listening" and good luck with your own Cuisinart story.

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1. GiggleCream wrote:
As far as I know, this story is crap. Cuisinart ships all their products from a huge warehouse in Arizona.

Wed, July 21, 2010 @ 7:33 AM

2. Devils advocate wrote:
OMG, thank you for making this website, blah blah blah, really?!, well since nobody has anything better to do, im going to take time out of my day to comment on this coffee addicts blog.... $160, if you can afford that on a coffee maker with todays economy, dont bother blogging , buy another....im getting a bit peeved with reading these useless blogs. just a tip, 2nd day air doesnt mean processed packaged shipped and delivered in 2 days, if you know anything about warehousing and shipping, processing takes 2 to 3 business days alone, going forward.. its sad to see that americans are so dependent on a drug such as coffee, but weed is yet to be legalized, such a shame at least if you didnt have your coffee in the morning, instead of being so uptight to the point where blogging is your last resort, you could calm it down with a spliff..

Wed, September 8, 2010 @ 11:55 PM

3. 1 bmf wrote:
This devils advocate seems to be a bitter, unemployed pothead that has nothing better to do than comment on other peoples opinions about small appliances. How pathetic!

Fri, January 7, 2011 @ 1:49 PM

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