Joy from Canada on her fifth coffee pot

This is my Cuisinart Sucks story::  It is the same here in Canada! Copy of letter I sent with pot. No one responded to it. Just sent new pot. I have one more since this letter. I am on the fifth pot. Thank you for creating the website.
Joy Joy Surette
2893 Green Street
Richards Landing, Ontario
P0R 1J0
August 5th, 2010
Customer Service Department
Cuisinart Canada
100 Conair Parkway
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4H 0L2
Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Joy Surette and I have been a customer of your company for approximately eight
years. Until recently I would have told you that it had been a uniformly positive experience but
due to a pattern of recent mistreatment, now nothing could be further from the truth. In writing
this letter, I hope you will finally resolve my concerns relating to a defective device, and actually
live up to the “reputation for quality” you assert on the box of the product in question.
On December 30th, 2009, I purchased a Cuisinart Classic Cordless Percolator (PER-12C) from
a Sears store in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Less than three months later (!), the device would not
percolate and was useless. On April 30th, 2010 I shipped, at my own expense, the broken
machine back to your customer service department. I included the $10 shipping and handling
fee referred to in your product documentation. The replacement arrived in mid-June, and now in
early August the new product is broken yet again. I take pride in having my appliances last and
in both instances I can assure you the percolators were maintained in accordance with the
included documentation. I am now put in the position of having to repeat the already costly
warranty replacement process, and this has greatly diminished my opinion of your company. I
find myself wondering: why can’t you just provide a coffee percolator that works?
It is worth noting my total cost of dealing with your warranty process ($12 shipping the device
back, $10 for a money order for you to ship a replacement to me, all taxes and other
administrative costs, and so on for each new defective replacement product you send me...)
exceeds the price I paid for your competitor’s “lower-end" product, a General Electric percolator
that has reliably worked for years without fail. Just to underline this important point: I
purchased your competitor’s product for less than the warranty costs of dealing with your
defective product. Are you not ashamed by this? I am certain you realize (and as an active
blogger, I see time and time again...) that it is never minor, temporary mistakes that damage a
businesses reputation; rather, it is systemic product quality problems combined with
contemptuous customer service.
The reason I originally purchased your product is because I enjoy a quality cup of coffee, and
because I believed the representations in your advertising; namely, that your product had been
“designed to increase the pleasure of enjoying a perfectly percolated cup of coffee" and that it
would provide “years of satisfaction”.

I have included your defective product with this letter. In light of my above-mentioned
concerns, I request that you a) replace the defective percolator with one that works; and b) reset
the warranty on this new device to the date on which I receive the functional coffee percolator as
a result of this letter. You will notice that no $10 shipping and handling fee has been included.
This is because, at some point, you should seek and accept responsibility for products you sell
your customers. I really want to be a satisfied customer, but this purchase has been an unusually
difficult and negative experience. Please make things right by sending me the high quality and
functional coffee percolator I should have received in the first place.
Thank you for your consideration.
Joy Surette
CC: CEO ConAir Corp.

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