Kevin C's story--all it would have taken was a 30 cent part

This is my Cuisinart Sucks story::  We bought a cuisinart EM-100 espresso machine, and drove across town to get it on sale. When we got it home, the thing was a complete piece of crap. It looked like it had been slapped together in the last 30 seconds before shift change. It didn't even sit level on the counter. So we called the store, packed it all back into the box and drove across town again to exchange it. With bated breath, we tried it, and... it worked.

Later, things started to go wrong. But we figured there would be no problem getting repairs done with their much advertised 3 year warranty. When the frothing arm fell of, I called and was told that I could bring it to their repair centre, a short five hour drive away, or I could send it to them for repair or refund. The trouble is, it would cost about 30 bucks to mail it because it's bulky. Since I could see that the problem was just worn threads on the piece that holds the arm in place, I asked if they could send me a replacement part so I could do the job myself, and save myself 30 bucks and months of waiting. Of course they refused, and what's worse, they refused to acknowledge that their "solution" is a pain in the ass.

My wife has just gotten off the phone with the store we bought it from; they say they will refund our money. Looks like we're getting a new machine after all, but it won't be a cuisinart. It's their loss; all they had to do was mail me a 30 cent part, but that would be a violation of their apparent policy to frustrate the hell out of their customers.

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