Letter to everybody at Cuisinart and Conair

from Kevin Decker 
to customerservice@cuisinart.com,
date Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 12:20 PM
subject I want some customer care with a product problem
hide details 12:20 PM (10 hours ago)

So it appears that Cuisinart mentions that they have customer service and customer care but in reality you have none.

I received a DCC-2400 for fathers day in June. It started leaking immediately and we tried to position the carafe differently to try to make a difference.

Finally after being upset about having coffee on the counter every time we made coffee I called to get it replaced.

I’m not sure when I called but it had to be during the first part of August. Because I have a Return form that has a print date of 8/12/08.

Well, the wrong coffee pot was shipped (I got a DCC-2200 when, if you can see above it originally had a DCC-2400). So I called again explained that I had problems with my original DCC-2400 and that you had shipped the wrong coffee pot.  I placed the wrongly shipped coffee pot outside and waited the apparent mandatory 7-10 days to receive my replacement product. Did I mention that my Kids paid around $150 dollars for this product. Is one wrong to expect that it would work correctly and that Cuisinart would stand behind their product. I feel like I’m just getting the run around.

So back to the story. So UPS comes by and picks up the coffee pot that I had set out for them to pick up. And then I wait for the replacement.

Well the print date for this replacement is dated 8/19/2008. and as you might have guessed it is the wrong coffee pot.

So this time I call back and did I mention that I was smoking hot at this time. I talked with the representative and then asked to talk with a supervisor. I then proceeded to wait on hold to talk to the supervisor for 25 minutes. (I think this was the 1.800.726.0190 number which was customer care) Oh, as of my dealing so far it is not customer care. See attached cuisinart domain name PDF file. I’m ready start this process unless I get some answers.

So after 25 minutes on hold I finally have to hang up because this short call to get my coffee pot replaced (again) has run into the time for my kids open house at school.

So I call back again. Wait on hold to talk to someone and then explain the problem again and then again ask for a supervisor. I told this person that I did not want to wait on hold again for 25 minutes to talk to a supervisor. I wanted to talk with someone now. She said that they only have on supervisor and that I would just have to wait. So when I asked to talk with someone who would be above the supervisor I was told that it would be someone in corporate and they did not have a phone number for corporate only an address.

So finally Patricia gets on the line and I explain the story again. She suggests that I put the wrong coffee pot out for UPS to come by and pick up. I refused. I told her that I was going to keep the coffee pot that was sent wrong until I receive the correct coffee pot and then I will put it out for UPS to pick up. I even told her that I was going to put the broken DCC 2400 in the same box that UPS would pick up. As luck would have it about that time the phone line went dead. So I called back waited on hold again talked to a representative. Asked for Patricia the supervisor and the representative said Patricia was working the order and that if I could give the representative a phone number that she would call me back. I did ask Patricia to overnight me a new DCC-2400 and she said that was not possible. That they are located in New Jersey and that by the time they get this order to Glendale, AZ that it will take three days and then the shipping will take about 7 days. I guess Cuisinart has not heard of sending an email from customer (Not) care to shipping in Glendale and they can put the order on the dock. That procedure might cut down 2 maybe 2-1/2 days. I’m still not sure why I am the one with the defective product and I am the one that keeps having to put up with waiting for a replacement product. And to just add insult to the whole process I get to pay to have the WRONG product shipped to me. And Then I get to pay to ship the defective product back to you. When I asked about that the customer (not) care representative just says that is how the warranty is written. I understand that warranties really just protects the manufacturer. But at some point I would think that a good upstanding company would want to try to make a customer happy. I never heard yet, I’m sorry for these problems let us do this______  for you.

My call back to Patricia was placed at 10:53 am on August 26th. It is now 12:03 pm central time and I still have not received a call back. I’m starting to think about the info that I will be putting on my new website.

In case Patricia has lost my phone number that I gave the customer care representative it is ___________.

My fear is that this email will just go to customer service and be deleted never to be heard from again. No one will follow up to see what can be done to make me a happy

One additional number that seems to be important to customer service when I call is some service number which is ________.


Customer looking for some customer care

Soon to be webmaster for “cusinartsucks.com” & “conairsucks.com” I guess I can get one for all of the Conair family

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1. Norma Brodie wrote:
For a company with your reputation I am very unhappy with your tutorial DVD. One cannot fast forward, reverse or pause it without it going back to the beginning.

I just bought a food processor and love the machine but the DVD leaves much to be desired. Surely the company can hire people to make tutorials that can be used over and over to use the experience of the professionals making the tutorial.

In order to see the bakers make pizza and bread dough I will have to sit through over twenty minutes of information I do not need each time I want to see them. This is poorly done.

Wed, May 19, 2010 @ 7:58 PM

2. ellen murphy wrote:
I am returning a new 14 cup food processor that does not work -- at all -- will not turn on. Didn't work from the time I unpacked it. Called customer service and they told me the work bowl was defective so they sent another -- just like the one I had, so it STILL does not work. The problem is clearly NOT the work bowl -- it's the rotten design of the top to the work bowl. Now I'm totally turned off Cuisinart and that hurts. I was raised in a Cuisinart household and one of my first purchases when I moved out on my own was a Cuisinart food processer (the one I am having to replace). I guess we all have to grow up and realize that things just aren't what you think they are. Now I don't know what to buy but it won't be a Cuisinart.

Fri, August 20, 2010 @ 8:32 PM

3. lisa jones wrote:
have two cuisanart products can opener and a coffee maker had for approximately 4 months both stopped working can opener has plastic cross bar and that snapped after approx 10 uses coffee maker just quit the funny thing is i am in charge of their products in my place of employment and i will not hesitate to tell my story should anyone ask my opinion a bad word about a product travels farther than the good ones what can i expect the company to do i would be glad to spread good news about great customer service!

Wed, September 29, 2010 @ 3:14 PM

4. wrote:
I'm on the second coffee maker. The first one stopped before it was done brewing. I had to pay to send it back and to receive a replacement. Now, the replacement is doing the same thing! These are NOT cheap appliances. I expected more from them.

Wed, December 22, 2010 @ 10:09 PM

5. Harry Richard wrote:
4 cup coffee maker,model ..DCC 450C (FA)..Ser.No...oo702

Complaints are valid. When coffee is poured, it gets under the
black plastic handle assembly, when it returned to the heater section the coffee travels around the handle assy.and runs out
on the counter, messy messy.
Harry Richard 613-225-1967...Ottawa

Sat, February 5, 2011 @ 8:26 PM

6. Dave Muessel wrote:
Similar story here- We had a coffee grinder/maker that quit grinding. Several calls to Cuisinart, during the first- when the grinder was jamming up- I was told to clean the pot using a specific vinegar water mixture. I did that, following the instructions to the letter. What happened next? The grind stops working completely.
Another call to Cuisinart- where I am told I have to send the coffee maker back (at my expense- with a machine that is 4 months old??? and have to include a check for $10 for return shipping.) I mentioned to the representative that I don't want the same machine back. I want a simpler one that doesn't grind coffee beans. I'm told they can't send a less expensive product- I have to take an identical machine. Huh?

I ask to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold for 20 minutes, I gave up.
Years ago Cuisinart was a fine brand, and a firm that produced fine products. I certainly don't understand what's happened to the company, other than they appear to be headed down a slippery slope- one that will be hard to climb back up after creating a negative brand image.

What ever happened to working to maintain customer loyalty? That's clearly not the modus operandi at Cuisinart anymore.

Wake up guys...

Tue, February 22, 2011 @ 1:13 PM

7. Ruby wrote:
I have a cuisinart food processor that wouldn't turn on. I called customer service and she said it was the bowl and they would send a new one. It was the wrong color, so I called and they said they would pick up the wrong color one and send the right one, which they did. However, it turned out, it wasn't the bowl that was the problem, but the lid. So I called back and they said to send the bowl back and they would send a new lid. They did, and the processor now works.
This is the problem. They will not give me a refund for the bowl. I have called and called, spoken to supervisors, yelled, etc., to no avail. They admit they received the two bowls I returned, but it was up to Corporate to issue a refund and they would inform them AGAIN (every time I call). Still no action.
I am beginning to think they are thieves and will not do business with them again.
I should have stopped payment on the bowl, since they told me it would take TWO billing cycles on my credit card to post the return! It is now 2 1/2 months later, and no refund

Fri, April 15, 2011 @ 2:37 PM

8. Joe wrote:
So. Can you start a few more paragraphs with "so"? It's still not clear, do you like this company?

Sun, June 12, 2011 @ 1:29 AM

9. Anita wrote:
I got the new coffeepot with hot water access. I thought the coffee pot might be possessed. It would start brewing, then shut off, then later on in the day it would just start up again, then it would shut off, and the burner would go on for no reason. I called and they sent me a new one, however, I have to pay to send the defective one back, and I don't think I should since they sold me a defective product. Cuisinart used to be the product of choice, sold in Williams Sonoma and awfully expensive, but I'm not so sure I would invest in another one of their products again.

Fri, July 15, 2011 @ 2:07 PM

10. J. Reeves wrote:
Conair does suck. The company doesn't care about anything other than PROFIT. The owner, Lee Rizz, was in jail for tax evasion, lives on the water in Greenwich CT is crap modern house, is son, Lee, Jr, is totally useless in the company and someday he will run this company into the ground. Conair is notorious for stealing ideas and never pay for anything. Example, look at what Conair did as their most recent investment... Lee, Sr. bought a vacation resort in the Caribbean on foreclosure for something like $15 million and plans to call is the "Cuisinart Resort". Give me a break you idiots. Typical queedo Italians... losers in our books. I think the IRS should re-check the books on this company. I have a feeling something very shady is going on there.

Fri, December 16, 2011 @ 2:33 PM

11. Mia Minn wrote:
Lee, Sr. doesn't care about the consumer/customer at all. It's all about how much money fits his wallet. Lee, Jr. will most certainly bring this company down. Lee, Jr. is a total fool and a complete idiot. I cannot believe Conair bought a resort overseas, from foreclosure naturally, and its called the Cuisinart Resort. How typical of these sleeze buckets. Stay the HELL away from their products. They lie, cheat and steal !!!!!! Just ask the IRS that to confirm LMAO !!!!

Thu, January 19, 2012 @ 6:43 PM

12. t rose wrote:
I too bought a cuisinart coffee pot. got the correct coffee pot in the mail. paid for shipping of the new one to be sent to me. the UPS price to return this old broken pot is $18+ ... trying to decide if I should bother to send it. Or let them come and get it!

Tue, October 16, 2012 @ 5:24 PM

13. Ignacio R. Umali wrote:
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I am offering to license this brand new product for royalty or if being funded I can manufacture and market this product.
My address: 953 Calmgrove Ave. Covina, Ca. 91724, #626-967-3517, #626-506-9183

Thu, November 1, 2012 @ 11:51 AM

One of the best coffee makers i have ever owned to date is made by Black & Decker..Have been using the same one for a good 8 years and has not failed me once..It is a single cup coffee maker and coffee is always the perfect temperature..I also got it second-hand as well so am not sure how old it actually is but i have and still use it ever single day and if it does go or expire i would not hesitate to buy another...I stand behind this coffee-maker 110%

Mon, July 15, 2013 @ 1:11 PM

15. Dave wrote:
Their return policy is not aimed at helping customers. They make things more difficult for replacing broken parts by asking them to be shipped at customer's expense. They wanted from me to return a cracked plastic work base for my food processor to be replaced. They don't pay the shipping charge. Shipping cost is almost the same as the price of new part. I don't call this business ethics.

Sat, November 1, 2014 @ 11:22 AM

16. Philip wrote:
I complained to Cuisinart and got a response from Conair. It is a fact that Machines fail but Cuisinart customer service really stinks. From now on no more Cuisinart. I wish they had good service like sub-zero.

Tue, June 23, 2015 @ 6:38 PM

17. Joe wrote:
Cuisinart 14 cup food processor. cover cracks in two weeks. Phone call to customer service. I can bring this back to Bed and Bath because it's just two weeks old, or you could send me a new cover and an RMA if you want old cover back. Response. (Yes we can do that). I receive new cover with no RMA and a letter that says they want me to pay for return shipping of old cover and bowl. I call again and explain that I could have returned the whole machine to store but I was being thoughtful because I only needed cover. Your Rep said an RMA would come with part. Response. It doesn't work like that you have to pay. What incompetence. Looks like I will return the machine to store and get another brand.

Tue, September 19, 2017 @ 4:45 PM

18. Gale L. wrote:
I totally agree. Conair has THE worst customer service in the universe. I've waited 20 days so far for an RTA that can be emailed to me in less than a minute. I've spent hours and hours on the telephone ON HOLD and never got through. I created a call-back and never heard back. I was promised an RTA, sent them my documents, and never ever heard back. I received excuses that the customer service agent is a student. Don't believe a word Conair/Cuisinart says. It's all lies and more lies. I will be gobsmacked if I ever receive an honest response or refund from Conair. Their customer service is the most deceptive I have ever experienced in my 69 years on earth. I will never buy another product from Conair, Cuisinart, BaByliss, or any other name affiliated with Conair.

Thu, January 10, 2019 @ 3:00 PM

19. Gale L. wrote:
I totally agree. Conair has THE worst customer service in the universe. I've waited 20 days so far for an RTA that can be emailed to me in less than a minute. I've spent hours and hours on the telephone ON HOLD and never got through. I created a call-back and never heard back. I was promised an RTA, sent them my documents, and never ever heard back. I received excuses that the customer service agent is a student. Don't believe a word Conair/Cuisinart says. It's all lies and more lies. I will be gobsmacked if I ever receive an honest response or refund from Conair. Their customer service is the most deceptive I have ever experienced in my 69 years on earth. I will never buy another product from Conair, Cuisinart, BaByliss, or any other name affiliated with Conair.

Thu, January 10, 2019 @ 3:04 PM

20. Howard Wilson wrote:
Customer service is non existent . The line is always busy 24/7 . If one leaves a call back number as suggested it is off shore is bad joke. The call back I had spoke broken English
and when I asked to be transferred he hung up. It is impossble locate the email or phone number to report problems.

Fri, February 8, 2019 @ 12:59 PM

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