Return one sucky product to get credit to purchase another sucky product

This is my Cuisinart Sucks story:: In April 2008, we purchased ($160) a Cuisinart Water Filteration System WGH-920. It stopped working within one week. We returned it to Crate and Barrel where we had purchased the product and received a new one. In September 2009, the hot water feature stopped working and I contacted Cuisinart Customer service. I was told that they would replace my product (with the WGH-1500) if I returned the old product-- I argued that I should not be responsible for the shipping since their product failed. I won the shipping argument and received a new Water Filteration System in the Fall 2009. In April 2010, the new system began to leak water. I called the customer service line and advised that I no longer wanted their sucky product. I was told to return the product and I would received credit to receive another sucky cuisinart product. I attempted to re-package the (3rd failed Water Filteration System) but the system leaked water in the product box even after we drained it. I am beyond mad and the only satisfaction we received was throwing that piece of SH*T in the trash can. To me it wasn't even worth my money to return it. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. My mother and aunt purchased coffee makers and they also died within a year of purchasing them!