SJ wonders if Cuisinart might not want to destroy evidence at her expense

This is my Cuisinart Sucks story:  I am currently dealing with Cuisinart over a defective cookie sheet that almost burned down my house. I was using the easy grip baking sheet in my oven when smoke suddenly filled my kitchen and my smoke detector began to sound. I turned off the oven and pulled it out only to find that the food was uncooked, but the silicone grips were completely melted. I sent photos and a nice letter asking them to replace it. They want me to pay the shipping (which is almost the cost of the pan) so that they can "evaluate the situation." My thought is they want to destroy evidence at my expense.

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1. Rich wrote:
Until my Cuisinart DCC 1200 coffee maker I rarely spent more than 15 to 20 bucks for one. In fact, our previous coffee maker (a Black & Decker I think we paid $19.98 for it)still 'works like a charm'!

But I digress....we paid 100 bucks for the Cuisinart. It's about 3.5 years old (about one third as old as the old Black & Decker) and for the last 2 years it spontaneously shuts off. I turn it back shuts off again. Usually this back and forth continues til the coffee is gone, but not always. Sometimes it'll stay on like a good little coffee pot (kinda like that 'cheap' Black & Decker)

I've called Cuisinart on several ocassions and they have made it clear that the company has no intention of doing anything about credit towards a new parts to repair it.

Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! Cuisinart won't fool me twice...I'll not buy another Cuisinart product of any type. Oh, did I neglect to mention that I 'Googled' the spontaneous shut off problem and found multiple entries about the same problem on the #1200 as well as other Cuisinart coffee maker models! Are you considering a Cuisinart product??? Shame on you!!

Sat, October 17, 2009 @ 11:01 PM

2. J.S. wrote:
Dear S.J.,

Being a former employee of the Cuisinart customer service office, I can tell you that it is totally not the case that they destroy evidence. They do have a crappy shipping policy though. I myself many times argued the point of asking why our customers should have to pay shipping. Usually if something caught on fire and almost burned your house down then a claim should have been filed in that case a corporate exec would handle the situation. It must've been someone rushing to get you off the line...I can tell you that the corporate office does care about the customers. However, when it comes to letting us be the ones to satisfy the customers they give little lead-way. It's almost like they want us to be the bad guys and want to take all the glory when they could have let us diffuse the situation in the first place. Any who, I am no longer employed for them because they don't have common sense to hold on to a good employee. Hope this inside info helps.

Wed, December 23, 2009 @ 5:13 PM

3. Susan wrote:
We just finished pureeing a sauce in my 14-cup Cuisinart Food Processor. We poured it in a serving dish, and there was a little bit left in the processing bowl, so I dipped in a spoon and took a big taste. This was a smooth sauce so the hard bit in my mouth surprised me. Gingerly I spit the unknown hard piece back into the spoon. I wiped it off and found it was a part of my processing blade!! I was scared and relieved that I had not swallowed it…that it had not found it’s way into the serving dish for my guests. I inspected the blade. It looked perfect. Then I turned it over. The blade had fractured at the rivet hole under the blade.

Given the location of the break, manufacturing defect appears to be the most plausible conclusion. The professional staff at the Cuisinart center informed me that blades are warranted 3 years. My neighbor happened though my door, about this time. As I repeated Cuisinart’s three year warranty, she gasped and mouthed three years!! After my phone conversation, we both nodded in agreement expensive appliances, but most particularly, something like a blade should be warranted longer than three years. I own a set of Cutco knives that are warranted for life. And Cutco has been awesome servicing that warranty.

After insisting upon speaking with a supervisor, I was offered a reduced price ($25, instead of $35!) on a new blade and free shipping. That’s nice, but I think Cuisinart has a serious manufacturing defect and likely a big liability issue. I tremble at the thought, that I might have gulped down the sauce and caused myself serious internal injury from the tiny, sharp, pointy object. I was surfing the web trying to find Cuisinart's corporate headquaters, to address my complaint, when I found this blog. I'm posting just in case other folks have had the same problem with their processors. Good luck.

I'm not mad enough to say I'd never buy Cuisinart, but I am going to be careful to inspect blades before serving, or licking the bowl!!


Tue, August 31, 2010 @ 1:41 PM

4. Sharon wrote:
This is defnitely not encouraging information. Tonight I was making dinner, stirring my food in a small pan, when I heard a sound like a gunshot and felt a pain in my arm. It took a few moments to figure out what was going on. A rivet had shot off the pan and hit me in the arm causing a small burn. Now I don't feel safe using any of my pans, and no way am I going to pay for the priviledge of returning them!

Sun, September 5, 2010 @ 6:49 PM

5. Diana West wrote:
I bought a Cuisinart microwave 2 years ago. It was defective, so I exchanged it for another. The next one had to be returned for repair on door. A month later, the service center in AZ had the nerve to ship it back with the back steel plate on the backside bashed/dented inwards, the new door wasn't aligned with the rest of the microwave and worst of all, the side of the microwave had a concave dent in it so the idiot repairman put a big screw in it to hold it together!" I cannot believe they consider this safe and acceptable? This is the worst customer service experience I've ever had. Even the Cuisinart telephone representative said I should take pictures of it and send to their corporate office. I'm still waiting for my replacement microwave.

Tue, December 21, 2010 @ 10:58 AM

6. Don wrote:
I originally complained about the Cuisinart GreenGourmet Eco-Friendly 12-Inch Skillet losing the non-stick properties and they replied with instructions for a laborious seasoning process along with the following:

"Once the seasoning process has been completed, do NOT wash the cookware with soap. This will remove the seasoning."

The packaging instructions say to use hot sudsy water. I have emailed them many times and all I get back is the same request for the same information I have sent in the previous 3 emails. Having experienced what I think is the worst customer service ever, I am taking this to the next level. The issue is no longer the poor skillet performance, but the health issues and total disrepect to their customers. I am waiting to hear back from the FDA about the health issues of not using soap.

Tue, January 4, 2011 @ 9:29 PM

7. Misty wrote:
Susan, we had the SAME thing happen! I am so upset...I make hummus and energy bars all the time for my kids. They could have been the ones to eat the metal and they wouldn't have known!

Sat, April 9, 2011 @ 1:24 AM

8. pat wrote:
I had a cuisinart coffee pot that always had a slight defect. The top panel split and I had to push it down which I did because it was easier than bringing back and worked ok otherwise. Because I didn't complain and because no good deed goes unpunished, it finally snapped off. That's when I discovered it was out of warranty. I was told that I couldn't buy a new part and it was not fixable. I went up the chain and finally someone agreed to send me a new pot but wanted the old one so their engineers could assess. I think this was once a better company and I guess I'll switch brands.

Fri, July 1, 2011 @ 7:17 PM

9. Christina wrote:
I got 8 stitches to my left thumb because I tried to clean a (defective) Cuisinart Stick Blender. The blender was unplugged and disassembled per instructions, yet the blade snapped on my left thumb when I was cleaning it, requiring a visit to the emergency room. Cuisinart initially asked if I would like for them to pay my hospital bill. I said YES, along with lost income for a week and a half (not too much to ask for given the pain and suffering I endured at the hands of their lousy product). Then I never heard back. I just called their Customer Service # and asked for their Corporate Headquarters phone # and was told by a Customer Service Rep that they don't have that number. This company is 100% negligent and irresponsible. I have no choice but to sue them now. It's astounding how terrible their customer service is!

Mon, April 9, 2012 @ 1:21 PM

10. Ann wrote:
I also was surfing the web looking for Cuisinart Corporate address when I ran across this web page. I now believe it would be a waist of my time to complain to Cuisinart. I have a food processor I called Cusinart about and explained it had started smoking while using it. Cusinart service department told me to mail it back to them it was probably the motor and would be covered under warranty. Cusinart said they would look at it in a couple weeks and call me. Even though it was working fine I mailed it back to them and sent $10 for return postage. Three months later and many phone calls later I received an invoice in the mail listing repair parts, a switch, screws etc. I called wanting to talk to a repair person due to what they listed for repair at my expense did not seem to relate to the motor smoking. They told me I could not talk to anyone. Pay for the repair and I would get my food processor back. My food processor was working when I sent it to them therefore I told them to return it to me. They said someone would call me in 3-5 business days. Two weeks later I called again to be told they had shipped it back to me. I received it back with the bottom loose and screws in a bag. My food processor now has a large crack in the processor case which was not there when I sent it. I AM THROUGH WITH CUSINART OF ANY KIND. Good Luck to anyone else dealing with them.

Thu, May 3, 2012 @ 8:36 AM

11. Sephanie wrote:
I will never buy another Cuisinart product again. I have owned a Cuisinart CBC-00 coffee maker for about 3 years. About a year ago, the brew function would intermittently shut off (including the clock and everything). I found that if I jiggled the brew button,it would work without much effort. Now it does not work at all. I contacted Cuisinart and they said "too bad - the warranty expired last month" and wanted to charge me $10 shipping plus $90 plus tax to send me a replacement unit. I have owned a black and decker coffee maker for 15 years that I purchased for $14.99 - still works fine. I elevated my displeasure to a supervisor only to hear the same thing -- too bad, but "we do not have any provision to waive any portion of our policy". I then contacted the company in writing. I recieved a similar response, calling me a "Valued Customer". I will never purchase another Cuisinart product again. They do not stand behind their product - not at all. Pretty short-sighted on their part - but luckliy for me, there are lots of competiters who are out there. I will buy one of theirs.

Wed, August 8, 2012 @ 8:45 AM

12. Rance wrote:
I’m not sure if this will find its way to the appropriate people/department, but I have several complaints and design suggestions… To qualify myself other than being a very informed consumer. I am a mechanical/biomedical engineer with many years of experience also in human factors engineering.

I purchased the above subject coffee maker to replace an older Model DCC-2600 - Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker because the hinges on the lid broke.

The new Extreme Brew™ 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker Model DCC-2650 is not as good as the older Model DCC-2600 because of the following reasons:

1. The filter basket holder/housing design is IMHO completely wrong. The bottom of the filter basket holder is “flat” where the filter basket holder in Model DCC-2600 was tapered to more or less match the same angle of the filter basket itself. Whoever designed this didn’t know what they were doing…
2. Therefore the filter basket holder housing of the coffee maker itself, for the most part, is “flat”. This flat bottom subsequently causes water to collect and when you pull the carafe out of the coffee maker hot water drains down onto the “hot” plate causing a mess.
3. Also, I would suggest changing the design of the carafe handle, as the plastic rim around the top collects water, and this could be avoided if the design were different… I have some suggestions on this too.

So I ask… why would you change the design of these parts to something that does not make sense? The design of the Model DCC-2600 was “right-on”.

I hope someone realizes this and changes the filter holder and coffee maker filter holder housing back to the Model DCC-2600 design.

Because of this I am now looking for an different coffee maker manufacturer…

Fri, November 30, 2012 @ 9:31 AM

13. Joan Bunting wrote:
I am a new owner of a Cuisinart GR4NE grill/griddle bought here in France on the specific understanding that waffle plates were available as an extra. It seems this is not possible but neither Cusinart France nor the American headquarters have replied to my several inquiries by e mail and the french telephone line is extremely expensive to use becasue they keep you on hold at your own expense.

I am now thinking of going to the consumer press/media. Has anyone else gone down this route?

Fri, March 1, 2013 @ 6:58 AM

14. Tony wrote:
I bought the Cuisinart electric knife and started to carve the turkey and after 4 or 5 slices, it stopped working. And this was the first time I used it----it was brand new.

I sent it back to Cuisinart a coupe months ago and have never heard back. No more Cuisinart products for me--I'm finished with these cheaply built products that cost more than other brands

Sat, May 25, 2013 @ 5:04 PM

15. Kim miles wrote:
I too own the cuisinart CDC-12200 series coffee maker. It is the worst I have ever had. Just as others have said it spontaneously shuts off during brewing. You turn it back on, it shuts off. You go through this for hours trying to get a cup of coffee. I will not buy another cuisinart product. So sorry I bought this one.

Sun, September 22, 2013 @ 7:38 AM

16. Dee C. wrote:
I fully understand why Keurig would no longer wants to put their name with the Cusinart company. We received our Cuisinart Keurig as a gift for my husband's years of service with his company.. We have only used the unit for 8 months and started having issues-we called Customer Service as instructed in the manual-since we followed the troubleshooting guide as diirected. A Cuisinart customer service rep said it would be better to email the company with our issue for "faster resolution"-this was back in October 2013.. Since then, the company has promised to replace our unit under warranty (with us paying for processing and shipping on the new unit AND paying to send the defective unit back upon arrival of our replacement unit-just glad I didn't ship it before, otherwise I'd be without anything.), The new unit was supposed to be delivered before Thanksgving and its now Jan. 2014. Someone from the corporate office was supposed to contact me before Christmas, but no one did. I have spent hours on phone calls and emails trying to get this resolved. In a day and age where company survival is dependant on its customers (and repeat customers) its obvious Cuisinart does not care to maintain its "high quality" product standard (have you noticed the number of refurbished units available??) Save your money-buy a Keurig Premiere.

Mon, January 6, 2014 @ 10:20 PM

17. mr mc donald wrote:
i will never buy any cuisinart product ever as they do not care about there customers also i will never by from canadian tire stores this is because i spent two days trying to buy a new element that is not available so bewere all fisherman and hunters we all know how much it costs us for our fishing and hunting meat and fish

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Fri, February 14, 2014 @ 8:57 AM

18. mr mc donald wrote:
new element for cuisinart smoker

Fri, February 14, 2014 @ 10:04 AM

19. Linda Z wrote:
I purchased a Cuisinart Electric Knife CEK-40 last Nov. 2013. On three occasions the knife blades discharged from the unit during operation. Very dangerous situation that could result in real injury to the user. I contacted Cuisinart online about my concerns and had no response. I called Customer Service and was told I would need to mail it to them paying shipping both ways to have the item fixed or replaced. This is ridiculous and an obvious disregard for the public safety. From what I have read, returning the knife could take months. Don't buy this knife, you could seriously hurt yourself!

Mon, April 7, 2014 @ 5:44 AM

20. Steven wrote:
Coffe maker thing! - I shuts off whenever it wants to, during brewing, after while keeping the coffee hot. Some time I turn it on and it works fine, or it shuts off minutes later, or as soon as I let go of the knob. I called Cuisinart, got blown-off. I intend to blow them off every time I buy a product.

Sun, July 20, 2014 @ 9:39 AM

21. Bill wrote:
I received a cuisinart DCC 750 coffee maker for Christmas 2 years ago. It failed less than a month ago. I assumed it was out of warranty, but I checked the web for informatin regarding the warranty. It was under warranty for three years. It had an address to return it along with a $10.00 shipping and handling fee. I returned it. One of their representatives contacted me and indicated that it was no longer manufactured and they would not honor the warranty without a receipt. I indicted to her that I would never purchase any Cuisinart products. She said that was my perogative. The coffemaker was being sold for close to $100.00 on amazon a year ago. It was never a good macine. I have a Black and Decker that is over 5 years old and working fine.
I have a Mr. Coffee that is 10 years old and works fine. The Cuisiart was over priced and worked poorly. I will never buy any Cuisinart products and will encourage others to do the same.

Fri, December 19, 2014 @ 11:03 AM

22. Nina wrote:
Cuisinart products are crap. And shame on Costco for still carrying and selling Cuisinart. Same issues and problems with my Cuisinart coffee maker turning itself off right in the middle of a brewing cycle. Also, the carafe spills coffee all over the counter if you don't hold the pot just perfectly ... pointed not too far down and pointed not too far up. I am so tired of babysitting the coffee pot and turning it back on during the brewing cycle and also wiping up spilled coffee on the counter. Shame on you, Cuisinart company.

Fri, December 26, 2014 @ 12:37 PM

23. Marilyn wrote:
Cuisinart toaster oven went bad, and I was told it was still under warranty. They said it would cost $10 to get a new one shipped -- their bad -- I have to pay. AND I would have to ship the old one back. That's where I made a BIG mistake. It cost me $35 to ship it back. I never should have done it. I have tried contacting them -- wrote a letter to the only person I could find --the marketing director. No answer. Wrote to parent company Conair -- no answer.

That's my Last Cuisinart purchase, and I've made many in the past.

Mon, January 12, 2015 @ 8:44 AM

24. Penelope wrote:
I've purchased an 1,75 liters electronic kettle which has a 3 years warranty. 18 months after, I notice that if I fill it up than 1,5 liters, it leaks and there's water everywhere, including the electric base, so I think it's dangerous. I've emailed them three times, stayed on hold an hour with the customer service, tried many times to call, and let my phone cell to be called back. It's been 2 weeks, and I haven't heard from them yet. And what I read here makes me hopeless. So I will NEVER buy again a Cuininart item or a Conair (same consumer service).

Sat, January 31, 2015 @ 1:51 PM

25. Judith wrote:
I wish I would have known of the terrible Cuisinart product and customer service. I purchased a model # SS-300 K-cup coffee maker only to find the My K-Cup (coffee ground brewing cup with lid) and charcoal water filter parts missing. I called customer service and did get a friendly person but who later sent me the wrong parts. I called again and was told the lady made this mistake even though I gave her the model and serial number of my unit. My order was processed 3 more times over a period of 3 months and all wrong. I was also assured that my parts were on back order and would be available by the end of March. I just got off of my last one hour phone call with the 2 worst ever representatives. Now I'm instructed to send at my expense my fully paid for but useless Cuisinart product to Arizona so a credit can be issued to me so I can purchase another. Whats the point?! Its all a Cuisinart ruse.

Fri, April 3, 2015 @ 12:30 PM

26. Bella wrote:
I purchased a combo steam/convection oven just after the Christmas holiday. I discovered that when I try to use the steam function, it leaks water all over my counter top. After a web search I found several other cases of the same issue. Based on the reviews of the other bad products, I think I will package this up and return it to the store. If I can only use regular toaster oven functions, I might as well get a less expensive mono-function device. Thank you to all who shared your stories of headaches with Cuisinart products.

Your review has saved me money and potential headaches. Also, I've been on hold for 12 minutes waiting to speak to a Cuisinart Canada representative. If this is what I can look forward to, no thanks!

Thu, January 14, 2016 @ 8:53 AM

27. Richard wrote:
Our Cuisinart Toaster Broiler Oven, TOB-40 worked fine for 3 years until the top elements wouldn't shut off and we had to unplug it. Then we noticed that one of the bottom elements was warped and had small bumps along it. I wrote to their customer service describing the problem wondering where I could get it repaired. The email I received back advised me to cut off the power cord and inch from the unit and mail it to them & they would send a replacement. I wrote back that the problem wasn't with the power cord and again described the problem. Never heard back from them.

I, too, started searching for a corporate address so I could write to someone in authority but after reading all these problems and lack of response or caring from the company I won't bother and will never buy another Cuisinart product.

Mon, February 1, 2016 @ 8:11 AM

28. Bob wrote:
I just got off the phone with Cuisinart myself because of an issue with a TOB-260 oven. The reason why they want you to ship the power cord to them is because they will send you an entire unit as a replacement. By cutting off the power cord this prevents someone from selling the old unit and sending the power cord back is proof that it was cut. This way you don't have to pay to ship the entire defective appliance. Except for the $10 charge for shipping, it's actually quite reasonable. And, in my case, much better than dealing with Amazon customer service.

Wed, February 24, 2016 @ 9:38 AM

29. tj wrote:
Cusinart coffee maker with the insta cup add on, crapped out and again they wanted $10 to ship a replacement and send the cord back to them. There product failed 1 year to the day of order from amazon. Seems to me they should bear the cost of shipping in that case. I asked the rep what happens if I don't send the cord back, figuring they would charge my credit card for the replacement but he said nothing, except next time you call in for warranty replacement I guess they won't replace your product.

Sat, December 16, 2017 @ 11:38 AM

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Have issues with my Cuisinart coffee maker too.
Buy another Cuisinart product? Cuisi-NOT!

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