C.K. discovered Cuisinart's F rating with the BBB only after getting 8 stitches

This is my Cuisinart Sucks story:: In March of 2012 I made a Whey Protein shake with a Cuisinart Stick Blender. I unplugged it and proceeded to clean it according to the instructions. I ran my left thumb around the blade housing to remove excess shake before rinsing it under the faucet (to keep the shake from splattering) and I felt something snap. I then looked down and saw that the blade was wedged into my left thumb. Long story short I was taken to the hospital and received 8 stitches. I reported the incident to Cuisinart and was given the runaround for weeks. Their Customer Service is terrible. Finally, after calling daily and writing their PR Department, I was contacted by a Customer Service Rep and asked if I wanted Cuisinart to pay my medical bills. I said yes. They told me I had to turn in the blender to them but I was advised by an attorney not to give the evidence up yet. I reported Cuisinart to the BBB (where they have an F rating) and other consumer groups including the CPSC. Cuisinart said I was withholding evidence and all I had to do to be reimbursed was to turn in the blender. I felt they would just say the blender was fine when I knew it wasn't. I reluctantly turned the blender in and they said there was nothing wrong with it, denied any liability and refused to reimburse me. I have permanent nerve damage to my left thumb, I couldn't work for almost a month (I am self-employed and have a skincare practice). I paid out $1,400.00 in medical bills on top of lost income. I asked Cuisinart for $1,600.00 to settle and they refused, blaming me for the entire incident. They have a history of blaming the failings of their products on consumers. I now do whatever I can to warn people about their shoddy products, I write magazines to scold them for giving Cuisinart free OR...overall I let EVERYONE know Cuisinart has an F rating. Glad this website exists but it's a shame a major company like Cuisinart doesn't care to treat consumers better.

This is the model number of my defective Cuisinart device:: CSB-76